about me

about me

My name is Nancy Xia. I am Chinese-Canadian. I sustained a spinal cord injury in 2003 as a result of a suicide attempt. Today, I am a happy and productive person. Thank you for visiting my website, I am hoping to share my story, my insights and my joy with you.

My Art

Pencil, Oil, Portrait

To commission a painting, please contact me: nancyxx2014@gmail.com

My Book

Many suicides left a mystery behind them in this world. Were they crazy? Were they evil? Or were they ill? I used to think they were simply stupid, until the day I became one of “them”. My name is Nancy Xia. At age 18 I made a desperate attempt to end my life. Miraculously I survived, but sustained a severe injury and will live with a physical disability for the rest of my life. Thirteen years later, however, I love life and I love to live. If I knew then what I know now about mental illness, my injury could have been prevented. Therefore, I feel profoundly compelled to share my story and my insights with you.

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My Youtube Channel

In my Youtube Channel, I share insights and knowledge on mental illness and mental health. As well as other videos that are fun and joyful. Check out some of the highlighted videos:

  1. Painting Robin Williams as Noah
  2. Two Months without sleep: My experience with Extreme Insomnia
  3. Animation: When people ask “What Happened” like ALL THE TIME
  4. Ice Fishing. . . gone cold
  5. Lost in Thailand: Chris Channon’s Amazing Survival Story
  6. Who I Saw in Heaven: Sarah Ginn’s Near Death Experience


Email: nancyxx2014@gmail.com

Twitter: xianancy315